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The roof is one of the major components in every home and it must be properly cared for. When a roof is improperly cared for or completely neglected, the homeowner can find themselves with a major repair bill or total roof replacement. When a roof is compromised it can cause leaks which leads to mold development or even roof collapse. It is essential to properly care for the roof. Skyline Designs Roofing & Restoration have seen many mistakes that cost the homeowner thousands of dollars. We will share some of those common mistakes and how to properly care for your home’s roof.

Too Much Insulation

Many homeowners hear how important insulation is for the attic and that it helps maintain better efficiency in their home. However, as a result, some homeowners will install too much insulation. When the insulation blocks the vents inside of the attic, it won’t have proper air flow. If fresh air can’t circulate the air becomes stagnate. When the air becomes stagnate it provides mold the opportunity to grow inside the attic. Mold is never good even when it occurs in the attic space.

Roof Damage from Pressure Washing

It is common to have the roof pressure cleaned to remove moss, mold, lichens, and bird droppings. Many homeowners love to have a clean looking roof. However, pressure washing the roof can damage the roof surface if one is not careful. Both roofing tile and asphalt shingled roofs are damaged when too much pressure is used on the roof. In some cases a soft wash is needed to help clean roofs that have severe contamination. However, for basic maintenance cleaning with a hose is enough to remove dirt and debris off of the roof.

Neglecting Roof Inspections

Both the roof and attic requires a need to be inspected to monitor their condition. It is better to repair and maintain the attic and the roof before major repairs or replacements are needed. The attic structure, ventilation and insulation should be inspected to prevent internal failure. The roof exterior must also be inspected to make sure there is no exterior damages. The outer roof is exposed to the winds, rains, hail and snow. It is important to regularly inspect the roof as it will develop minor problems due to weather. With attic and roof inspection you can reduce the cost of repairs and maintain a healthy roof and extend the life of the roof.

It is a Bad Idea to Put New Shingles Over Old

Too many homeowners will nail new asphalt shingles over old ones as the older ones wear down. This is actually a major mistake. Shingles are not just nailed down when they are installed. They are also sealed to prevent water from running inside the inner layers of the roof. Water damage is a major concern for all roofs as it causes mold and even roof collapse. When replacing shingles the old worn down shingles must be removed and the new ones replaced correctly to prevent future leaks and water damage.

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As a homeowner it is important to avoid these common mistake when caring for your home’s roof. When needing a professional for roof inspection, repairs or roof replacement and installation, contact Skyline Designs Roofing & Restoration and schedule our quality service!

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