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Most commercial buildings have a flat roofing system that requires a lot of maintenance. A flat roof requires a different type of care and or maintenance. One of the more critical aspects of a commercial building’s roof maintenance is the drainage system. A flat roof has a risk of ponding water which can lead to major water damage on the roof. Skyline Designs Roofing & Restoration would like to share what maintenance is needed to prevent ponding water on your commercial roof.

What is Ponding Water Effect on a Roof?

Ponding water is a term used by roofers that describes water that pools or puddles on top of a flat roof. After it rains, a lot of water can collect on a commercial building roof. Often a commercial building is quite large and they often have a flat roof which can capture a lot of rain water. A flat roof isn’t truly flat. Instead, they have a very slight slope that feeds the rain water into a drainage system which is intended to prevent ponding water. If there is a problem with the drainage system, water can continue to collect on the roof and lead to major roofing damage, including a collapsing roof.

Flat Roof Drainage System

There are different types of drainage systems installed when it comes to flat commercial rooftops. Typically, the drainage systems are installed at the lowest point of the roof. For commercial buildings that have parapet walls, you may have a thru-wall scupper that directs the water into a downspout and away from the building. Whereas the drainage system is installed at the lower points of the roof, leaves and debris can be carried along the drain path and build up and prevent the water from passing by or draining. If the drainage points become covered or plugged, water is pooled and set on top of the roof until the water evaporates. Water that sets on top of a flat roof for long periods of time will cause decay and leaks. If too much water is trapped on the roof, that can cause the roof to collapse. It is very important to prevent clogs or blockages.

How Do You Maintain a Flat Membrane Roof?

It is very important for a commercial building owner to maintain and monitor the condition of the roof. Part of maintaining a flat roof is knowing the drainage system and making sure it stays clean. The path the water travels needs to stay clean as does the drainage system as well. The drain and plumbing system also from time to time, will need to be cleared out. Often the down spout and track are inside the building. If dirt begins to build up inside the drainage line, they too can lead to clogs and ponding water. A major part of maintaining a flat roof is keeping the drainage system cleaned.

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As there is a lot to maintaining a roof, one important element is the drainage system. For those who are invested in a commercial building and you need your roof inspected and receive a bit of maintenance, contact Skyline Designs Roofing & Restoration today.

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