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Do you need to replace the roof of your home? When you find yourself facing a roof replacement, you may wonder if you can simply remove the shingles and put new shingles over the old roof? Many homeowners will look for ways to save money and expedite the roof replacement process. However, in most cases it is a better investment to replace the entire roof or have a tear-off when replacing your roof. To better understand the importance of a complete tear-off before a roof replacement, Skyline Designs Roofing & Restoration will explain.

Why is it OK to Put a New Roof Over an Old Roof?

Depending on your state, county, or city regulations, it may be illegal to install new shingles over an old roof. A reputable roof contractor will never recommend installing new shingles over an old roof in your area. You could also void the new roof’s warranty. Additionally, there are some concerns when it comes to the weight load. When installing a new roof over an old one, this added weight. A home structure is designed to hold up so much weight. Often replacing a new roof over the old roof isn’t possible as you will be adding too much weight.

What Does Tear-Off Mean in Roofing?

In most areas, a roofing contractor will be required to tear-off the old roof before installing a new one. There are a number of reasons from legal, to manufacturer warranties, or even the condition of the old roof. Installing new shingles over an old roof most often leads to roof leaks and reduces the life of the new roof. When a roof needs to be replaced, it is important to tear-off the old roof to inspect the roof decking. The deck can develop rot, mold and damage that needs to be repaired before the new roof can be installed. Without the tear-off of the old roof, you will never know the condition of the roof decking. Along with the roof decking the underlayment may also need to be replaced. The underlayment helps to water proof the roof decking and is the final defense against water damage. Usually when the time comes to replace the shingles, the underlayment also needs to be replaced. To ensure the underlayment is doing its job, it is important the old roof is removed.

Why is Tear Off & Reroof Important?

Not all roofing contractors will do a complete tear-off and will do an overlay which is basically installing a new shingle roof over an old one. However, a good roofing contractor will first always do a thorough roofing inspection. With a roofing inspection they will determine the overall condition of your roof and decide if an overlay is possible or if a complete tear-off and replacement is needed. Most good roof contractors will know the benefits and necessity of removing the old roof first. Only in a few situations will an overlay be recommended over a tear-off and replacement. After an inspection, the roof will first undergo the tear-off, followed by the new material and roof installation.

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With a tear-off and replacement of your home’s roof you are getting a complete restart. If your home’s roof needs repair, replacement, and more, contact Skyline Designs Roofing & Restoration today.

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