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Issues with your roof is something that no homeowner should ignore. For the most part, a roofing problem will only get bigger and more expensive the longer you do nothing about it. When you are having issues with your roof, you might be wondering if it would make more sense to repair it or replace it entirely. The answer is one that only you can answer. However, Skyline Designs Roofing & Restoration is here to share our thoughts on the pros and cons of both repairing and replacing your roof.

Roof Repair VS Roof Replacement

There are some pros and cons that come from choosing to repair your roof. It is important to remember that there are also pros and cons that come with replacement. It is important to understand each of them so that you can make the right decision for your situation.

Roofing Repair
– Pros: Anytime you choose to repair your roof, you are choosing the most budget friendly option. It will cost far less to have your roof repaired. It will also interrupt your life the least. You can bank on a roof repair being completed in a matter of hours rather than days. When you have roof repairs that need to be done, specific problems can be easily addressed.
– Cons: When you simply have your roof repaired rather than replaced, the fix is usually not a long lasting one. This is especially true if the issue causing the repair in the first place isn’t be addressed. It can also be difficult to find matching materials to your current roof. If your roof is getting up there in years, it can be an even bigger issue.

Roofing Replacement
– Pros: When you have your roof replaced, you know it is going to last. You can plan to get 20-30 years from some roofing solutions. If you have a roof that is toward the end of its lifespan, this might be the best solution to the problem. You will also see an increase in your home’s value when you replace the roof.
– Cons: The clear downside to replacing your roof is the cost associated with a roof replacement. It is a sizable investment that many people aren’t wanting to make any time soon. It can also be a project that takes considerably more time to complete. A roof replacement will take several days from start to finish and will more than likely interrupt your life more than a simple repair would.

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Anytime you’re facing a roof problem, you want the right roofing company working with you. At Skyline Designs Roofing & Restoration, we will give your roof a thorough inspection as we help you determine whether or not you should repair or replace your roof. We want to make sure your home has the protection it needs with a healthy roof. Call us today!

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