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The roof is one of the biggest and most necessary elements of your home, yet it is often the most overlooked. Once the roof starts to leak, homeowners are reminded roofs require maintenance and care. Like most aspects of life, roofing has many misconceptions and myths that surround it. With that in mind, we at Skyline Designs Roofing & Restoration would like to take the opportunity to share some of the most common myths and the facts that dismiss these silly notions.

Do You Ever Need to Replace Flashing when Not Replacing Your Roof?

To divert the rain waters away from the pipes, chimneys, vents and other rooftop openings, the flashing, often engineered from metal materials, is installed on rooftops. The flashing, by design of its function, is sturdy and durable; often outlasting other roof components as it takes plenty of abuse along the way. However, despite the longevity, it can fall short within a few months of installation under the right circumstances. Flashing should be inspected every 6 months as a part of its maintenance. During the inspection, look for any dried out caulk or sealant, broken or flawed flashing segments, and especially any damage in the singles in contact with the flashing. If you see any flaws, call in a professional for further care.

Can You have Too Much Attic Insulation?

In an effort conserve energy and enhance the performance of the roof, many turn to the attic’s insulation. Too many do not realize too much insulation can be just as detrimental as too little. Contributing to moisture containment, among other issues, over insulating can obstruct ventilation openings at the soffits and eaves. The sheathing found in the interior of attics can rot, warp, and even lead to a mold outbreak when the moisture is confined. Insulation and ventilation require balance, if you are unsure about your attic’s insulation mass, call in a professional for guidance.

Is the Gutter Part of the Roof?

Where gutters a sort of accessory to a roof that is required, they are equally important and go hand in hand. The gutters are the finishing touch to ensure the water is properly diverted from the structure. More often than not, new roof installation includes a new gutter and down spout system. The gutters are a contributing factor to help prevent the exterior walls from over saturation. Maintenance is essential; clear out the gutters from fallen leaves, sticks, dirt, mud, moisture, and wildlife nests among the other debris. Inspect frequently for miniscule signs of damage and rust and make the needed repairs before they get out of hand.

Can You Put a New Layer of Shingles Over the Old?

Despite the building code allowing this abomination, removing the old shingles is essential for a number of reasons. An example is that after removing the old shingles, and exposed the raw roof, which is commonly plywood, you can see signs damage. Under the shingles, deterioration, wood rot, leaks, inadequate ventilation, even mold can be discovered and repair before the roof encounter catastrophic problems. Remove the old shingles, make any needed repairs, and install new shingles to ensure the roof is of top quality.

Are All Roofing Shingles the Same?

There are a number of options for roofing materials. Shingles are designed to see to the needs of specific climate conditions and other problems in the area; hence they are treated differently and made of different materials to combat the environment. So no, the shingles are in no way created equal and are offered in different materials, designs, pretreated differently to meet the needs of the environment and homeowner’s tastes.

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These are just a few myths concerning roofs we heard. Whenever you are in doubt, ask a professionalSkyline Designs Roofing & Restoration is readily available to offer a number of roofing services and answer any questions you may have.

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