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It comes as no surprise that no one wants to face a roof replacement. Many homeowners will put off or ignore signs that they need their roof replaced. However, for the longevity of the entire home, it is important to recognize the need for a roof replacement when the time comes. When the roof is compromised, so is the entire home. For this reason, as a homeowner, you will need to know the signs that your roof needs a replacement. Skyline Designs Roofing & Restoration will share what signs to watch for to know when your roof needs a replacement.

At What Age Should a Roof Be Replaced?

Everything has a lifespan, including the roof of your home. The materials used for a home’s roof is exposed to all of the element 24/7. The roof will eventually break down and degrade due to the constant exposure from the sun, weather and other elements. Even the most durable of materials will break down. As there are a wide range of materials or roof types used, each type of roof will have its own general lifespan. Based on the type of roof and their materials, here is the general lifespan of the different types of roofs.
• Asphalt Shingle Roof – 15 to 30 Years
• Composition Shingle Roof – 12 to 20 Years
• Wooden Shingle Roof – 20 to 25 Years
• Tiled Roof – 30 to 50 Years
• Rubber Roof (Flat Tar Roof) – 30 to 50 Years
• Metal Roof – 50 to 75 Years
The average lifespan of the different types of roof will vary depending on the care and maintenance the roof receives. You will get more out of your roof when you properly maintain it and tend to repairs as soon as they develop. However, if you already have the max lifespan out of your roof, it might be time to have your roof replaced. The age of your roof is often a good indicator to know when to have your roof replaced.

Signs of Physical Roof Damage or Weakness

When it is exposed to the elements, your roof will begin to break down and develop problems. Some problems may seem small but have a much larger impact on your roof and home’s overall health. Often when your roof develops physical signs of wear and tear, you roof is already in need of a roof placement. As a homeowner when your roof develops physical signs of damage or wear and tear, you will want to have your roof evaluated to see if it needs repair or replacement. Some of the physical signs to watch for are:
• Missing Shingles or Roof Tiles
• Loose, Cracked or Damaged Shingles
• Sagging Roof
• Mold or Wood Rot In the Attic or Along the Outer Edges of the Roof
• Signs of Leaks and Water Damage
• Holes or Dark Spots on the Roof
If you notice any of these signs of physical wear, tear and or damages, have the roof inspected. The roof’s condition needs to be evaluated to make sure it has not become a safety hazard and if repair or replacements are needed. When a roof develops signs of physical damage, they most often lead to roof replacement.

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