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Tile roofs may not be as expensive as you think. During the last few years the cost of installed tile roofs has not increased as much as wood shakes or asphalt shingles and they will outlast most any other roofing material. The superior aesthetics of tile roofs will increase the value of any structure. Roof tiles are mostly designed to keep rain out and are normally made from locally available materials like terracotta or slate. More modern materials like concrete and plastic are also used and some clay tiles have a waterproof glaze. It isn’t really known how long they will last but it’s safe to assume that they will outlast the building they are installed on.

Roofing Durability & Maintenance

Tile roofs are good insulators and air circulation is improved. An “air space” is formed between the tiles that promotes better circulation and will reduce direct heat transfer. This allows for lower air conditioning costs in the summer. Tile shingles do not require any additional bracing and if they are needed it will be a small cost of the budget. Violent storms have been known to destroy all types of roofing material. Typical storms where the size if hail is 2” in diameter or less, 10% of tiles can be damaged whereas other roof types requires a total replacement and thy are non-combustible. All roofs require some maintenance. Depending on your location, special issues may need to be addressed with any type of roof. The only maintenance with a tile roof is to the gutters, protrusion flashings and venting where other types of roofs require coating, painting, cleaning and possible sealing of most of the roof surface.

Do Tile Roofs Add Value to Your Home?

Clay tile has been used for centuries and with good reason—it is very durable—tile roofs can last 50 to 100 years or more when properly designed and installed. The aesthetics of tile roofs cannot be matched by any type of asphalt shingle and with so many styles, hundreds of colors and types of finished that tile roofs have to choose from you are able to create a roof to suit any style. They are not prone to pest problems and will not rot in wet climates. They can be used in any region and climate and will withstand any weather condition—fire, wind, snow. For these reasons, tile roofs carry excellent warranties of at least 50 years and because clay and concrete tile are made from naturally occulting material and do not deplete precious natural resources, making them environmentally friendly. Older tiles can be recycled for newer ones. Clay tiles are more colorfast, compared to concrete, and are also more durable with an expected lifespan of 100 years and concrete tile roofs will last about 50 years. Tile roofs stand the test of time and will add significantly to a home’s resale value.

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Having a tile roof installed can be a great investment when you consider the fact you probably will not need to replace it for the time you own the home. Call Skyline Designs Roofing & Restoration today for an estimate on the installation of a tile roof.

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