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Your house is something that you will need to make repairs to as well as upgrades through the time that you live there. It is part of being a homeowner. Some areas that need to have your attention are the floors, appliances, windows and the roof to name just a few. These are all areas of the house that over time will need to be repaired or replaced just from everyday use. As long as you take good care of them they will last the amount of time the manufacturer suggests. Although you want everything to last there are some things that are out of your control. If your home has been through a fire or flood many of the items in the home will need to be replaced. If you are in an area that has storms you might end up with exterior and interior damage. The roof is an area of the house that will end up with damage especially during adverse weather such as hail. It is a good idea to know what to look for after a hail storm. Skyline Designs Roofing & Restoration outlines how hail is formed and what to do if your roof has been damaged.

How is Hail Formed?

There are several types of adverse weather that you may have to deal with. Some of the most common are wind, rain and even snow. When it comes to precipitation most people assume that means rain but there are other forms. Hail is also a form precipitation and happens when the atmosphere is just right. The rain is caught in an updraft and the drops are brought up in the upper level of the clouds where the temperature is below freezing. That small amount of time it spends there will cause the drops to form into ice which when it comes down from the sky we call hail. Depending on how long the raindrops spend in the updraft the larger the pieces of hail that will form. The larger the pieces of hail that is falling the more damage it can create.

What are Signs of a Hail Damaged Roof?

If you have a hail storm come by your home, even if it is for a short duration, there can be and often is damage. Of course you need to wait until the storm has passed before you will be able to go out and look for any damage at all. Once it has passed you can go out and look for the granules that makes up the top layer of your shingles on the ground or coming down your gutters downspout, particularly if it was wind driven hail. You can also look to see if there is impact damage to the shingles or gutters around the house which means that the hail pieces were large enough to cause direct hit damage. If you suspect any damage you need to call out a professional to do an inspection.

What Possible Roof Damage is Caused by Hail?

The hail can cause small or large pits to form in the shingle. When the shingles have divots or pits in them they are not able to protect your home. The holes in the shingles will allow water to get under the shingles which can lead to moisture build up and will cause mold to grow. It is important to have your roof repaired from hail damage as soon as possible.

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