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Extreme weather can damage homes in many different ways, and one of the most common forms of weather that causes damage to a home are hail storms. Hail is responsible for a great deal of damage every year, causing about one billion dollars to homes and crops annually. Hail can form in extremely large sizes which greatly increase the amount of damage that is done to a home. The largest hail ever recorded in the United States measured was eight inches in diameter and eighteen inches in circumference, weighing in at almost two pounds. That is a serious size of hail that will cause a great deal of damage to any home. Unfortunately, hailstorms are a common occurrence in the Lone Star state. Texas sees an average of almost 700 hail events every year. And the hail season can last up to half of the year, generally starting in March, and may go as long as August. Skyline Designs Roofing & Restoration will outlines the importance of calling a professional to inspect your roof after a hail storm.

Why Should You Have a Professional Roof Inspection to Assess Heavy Storm Damage?

Out of all the areas that are exposed to hail storms, it is your roof that will sustain the most amount of damage during a hail storm. Many home owners may think that just because they cannot see any signs of damage or because their roof is not leaking that there is no roof damage. Damage from a hail storm can be particularly difficult to identify, especially on your roof. Many home owners will not realize major roof damage that was initially caused from a hail storm until many years down the road. So many years, that filing an insurance claim would be out of the question. Having a professional inspect your roof after a hail storm is the best way to identify any damage that has been done and allow you to file a claim with your insurance company within the proper guidelines.

What Does Hail Damage Do to Shingles?

When a roof is damaged in a hail storm, a damaged shingle may allow water to seep through the roof causing additional damage to the roof deck, support structures, interior walls, or windows. This can also cause leaking, staining on walls, and even worse, flooding inside of your home which can cause damage to your belongings. Wood roofs, metal, tile and slate roof shingles can all suffer a significant amount of damage from a hail storm.

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A thorough roof inspection performed by a professional is the best way to determine if your roof has sustained any type of hail damage. Do not attempt to inspect your roof on your own, as this can become very dangerous and potentially put you in harm’s way. A professional roofing company takes all of the proper precautions when inspecting a roof for hail damage. If you suspect your roof may be damaged from recent or past hail storms, contact Skyline Designs Roofing & Restoration for quality roof repair service at a competitive price.

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