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A common and costly issue homeowners will face is a leaking roof. Most homeowners think they need a new roof when they spot a leak in the celling. Whether your home is old or new you never know when a problem with you roof may occur. Contractors become detectives often times when figuring out where a leak is coming from. Your roof is responsible for protecting your home and its occupants from the elements. It can endure a lot of wear due to severe weather. High winds and hail storms can cause considerable damage to the roof resulting in leaks and possibly structural damage. Most experts say that a roof should last between 20-25 years. Skyline Designs Roofing & Restoration considers some of the common causes of roof leaks to help you avoid them.

Common Places for Shingle Roofs to Leak

The most likely spots where a roof will leak are the chimney, vent flashing, ice dams, vent boots and roof valleys. You should inspect your roof to look for possible trouble spots. Shingles that are curling can be a sign that you may need a new roof. If you notice curling and loose granules this means the shingles are past their prime. Roof valleys are an important part of your roof. These are where snow and rain flow to the gutters. If the valleys are falling apart you may have leaks. Check for missing shingles and check to see if all shingle “tabs” are in place.

Leaks Around Flashing, Vent Boots & Gutters

A vent boot covers the pipes that stick out of the roof forming a seal. Check these regularly to prevent a leak from occurring here. Chimney flashing is material that is usually aluminum or galvanized steel that is used over joints in a roof and wall construction to prevent water from seeping in and causing damage. If your flashing contains roof cement or tar, it may need to be replaced with a long-term, water-tight fitting, which would be a metal flashing system. Shingle granules in gutters will increase as the roof ages. Clogged gutters will not be able to carry water away from the house and will keep it right up against the edge of the roof causing possible leaks.

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There are so many things to take care of on a daily basis and a roof leak can happen at the worst time. Hiring the right roofing company will save you a lot of stress. There are ways to tell if it’s just a repair or your roofing system needs complete replacementGive Skyline Designs Roofing & Restoration a call when you need any help with your roof.

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