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When a homeowner is facing a desperate need for roof replacement, many will look to their homeowners insurance policy to see if their insurance will help cover the cost. When reading your insurance policy it can get pretty confusing to say the least. This leaves some homeowners with more questions than answers. In most cases it will depend on the circumstances that lead to the need for the roof replacement. Skyline Designs Roofing & Restoration will help bring to light the question of roof replacement and whether or not your insurance policy can play a role.

Roof Failure Due to Neglect, Acts of Nature or Tree Damage

There are certain aspects of the roof that falls under the homeowner’s care and personal cost. Basic care and maintenance is the homeowner’s responsibility and if the roof is neglected and thereby requires a total roof replacement, then it falls on the homeowner to repair the roof. Additionally, not all homeowner policies are the same. Each will vary. In some cases, the homeowner’s insurance company may cover the total cost of a new roof, or a portion of it, in the situation is deemed an “act of nature.” If a violent storm, or intense snow fall occurs and damages a well maintained roof, then some insurance policies will help pay a portion of the cost to repair the roof. Other policies even cover situations such as fires or accidents out of the homeowner’s control. However, insurance companies don’t usually cover roofing replacement if trees or tree branches fall on the roof leading to severe damages. Included in many policies, is a clause that states trees shouldn’t be planted near the home and will therefore void any responsibility of roof damage associated with tree damages.

Will Insurance Cover a 20, 25 or 30 Year Old Roof?

When a homeowner’s fails to perform general maintenance, it can affect the life span of the roof and in some cases, lead to the cancellation of the policy. In some cases, insurance policies will help cover some of the cost of the roof replacement if the roof has lived out a reasonable life span. As insurance policies vary, many consider a 30 year old roof a full life span. If the roof lived out a full life span and is in need of a total roof replacement, often it is in the insurance policy to help cover some of the cost. Some policies may require prevention and maintenance records, such as previous inspection reports, and repair notes and receipts.

Roof Inspection & Estimate for New Roofing System

If you feel you’re within the realm of having your insurance company help cover the cost of the roof replacement often you will need to contact your insurance company. The next step is to have the roof inspected. Often the insurance company will send out an adjuster to inspect the damages and determine cause. Before they arrive have all documents ready. Additionally, take a few pictures of the damages, and if possible show any pictures you have before damages occurred. If you find that you’re responsible for the entire cost of the roof replacement, look for a quality roofing service. Many roofing contractors can come and do an inspection of the roof and discuss replacement options and cost. There are ways to help minimize the cost of a roofing replacement and most roofing contractors understand the investment and will help you.

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